Dog Trainer & Behaviouralist

With over 23 years of experience, Grace Bryson dog trainer & owner of rrruffhouse specializes in rehabilitating difficult dogs of unfavorable behaviors. Aggressive and special needs dogs are my specialty! With consistent, positive reinforcement ANYTHING is possible!

Barking, jumping, chewing, pulling on walks, charging or barking at other dogs, biting and simply potty training! I can fix almost any unwanted behavior with kindness and consistent repetition! If you are not willing to give up then neither am I, I will stick with you until the end!

Dog Day Care now available 5 days a week Mon – Fri from 7am to 7 pm. Click for more information or contact us.

Places we will travel to:

Belleville, Trenton, Brighton, Picton, Tweed, Marmora, Madoc, Kingston, and surrounding areas. If you need help outside of these areas, please contact me regardless. We may be able to find a way to help.

Contact us at 613.779.1236 |

Who is Grace?

Hi there. I’m Grace. I am a very hard working, compassionate and strong willed woman who loves a challenge and never backs down from a hard days work, which is a good mix for working with dogs that are having trouble getting along in the world with us humans! The greatest reward I get in life is when someone tells me I saved the life of their dog so they didn’t have to give it up! I love nothing more then showing people how to be a leader in their own world and all aspects of life! I am a leader, and walk my own path in life and I’ll go where ever it takes me!

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Kindness, patience and routine produce happy dogs that will never turn on a human!!

This is my dog Daddy.  He came to me about a year ago from a gentleman who had no idea on how to raise a gladiator.  Daddy came from a home where he ruled the roost and did so quite proudly. Read more…


Mastiff cross, Extreme Aggression

What an amazing dog trainer, Grace truly is our Dog Whisper. Here is how our story goes. A year ago this October we purchase 2 Doberman pups, they were so cute and sweet, but then all of a sudden they Read more…

Bo & Talia

Dobermans, Out of Control

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What kind?, Unruly

This is Tilly, she is a very neurotic Sheppard who is in for boot camp. Tilly has a few issues of non stop whimpering and whining, wont stay in a room by herself, if her human moves so does she! Tilly likes to bark Read more…


Shepherd, Neurotic, Bad Manners

Grace’s Rants & Recommendations

I am passionate about making life better for every dog I encounter. I am forever gathering information for my own use in the day-to-day running of a house full of dogs, so I blog a lot of what I find. I also blog when I need to rant about something that needs to be ranted about. I hope you enjoy my blog. If what you are looking for isn’t on the blog, please contact me at and I will see what I can do.

Enough is enough Dammit!

I will start of by saying I will make no apologies for this blog, if it offends anyone oh well! In the past six or so months I have had three cases of neglectful adoptions come across my table, the first one I didn’t give it much thought as there was no pattern,... read more

Punish the deed, not the breed

So! As many of you know every once in awhile I get on a bit of a rant, I don’t consider  it a rant I call it passion. I speak often and loudly for those who have no voice, our dogs. I am a dog trainer, behaviourist, lover, rescuer, but most of all their best... read more

Truth about ticks

Facts and Myths About Ticks The tick population is alarmingly flourishing. The existence of these unpleasant creatures has resulted to different facts about ticks. Along with the truthful information are some known myths about ticks, too. Meaning, it is not only the... read more

Fake people in rescue

I come across these people everyday of my life, if you follow this blog you will see that this is not the first time I have brought this subject up! People are so damn fake it physically makes me ill. The caption above is sadly all too TRUE……..especially... read more

Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Paws from Hot Concrete

Summer is practically upon us and it’s been pretty hot already. That means it’s going to start getting HOT outside soon. As a dog parent, it’s important to keep your pet safe during the hot summer months. You’ve got to keep them cool in shaded... read more

Should My Dog Hang His Head Out the Car Window?

Admit it, you’ve seen it and you’ve done it! We have all seen a car racing down the road with a dog’s head sticking out the window, ears flowing in the wind and lips flapping uncontrollably. “Man, is that dog having fun! He actually looks like he is... read more

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Eating feces is normal with many different animal species. In dogs, it is not part of the digestive process, but it is a normal cleaning behavior in mother dogs with pups. Some dogs eat stool even without puppies in a misguided attempt to clean either the yard or... read more