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Grace does it again...Welcome Frodo!

Grace did it again! A little over two years ago, we consulted with Grace about selecting a rescue dog. We hired Grace to come to our place after eventually adopting a bonded pair of rescue dogs... never knowing if they were mother and son or siblings. Grace came to us on the day after their arrival and spent a few hours with us, quickly getting to know the dogs and then giving us suggestions on where to begin with training and helping the dogs settle in and become confident. We felt totally supported in our efforts to provide the best life possible for them. She came again a month later to help us fine-tune our training and through both visits helped us (and me particularly, as a new dog owner) to avoid major pitfalls. Our two dogs predictably became truly exceptional, loving and happy companions! We had two great years and then Possum became very ill this summer and had to be euthanized. While we remain bereft at his death (he was my little buddy), we were also concerned about Bella being alone so much of the time when we were at work and so through careful consideration and consultation with Grace, decided on a puppy of all things. Grace assured us that Bella would essentially train this 12 week old Aussie puppy to be the companion that she wanted. Again, Grace came out to take us through puppy school 101 and to help us plan out a training scheme for the new puppy but more importantly to ensure that we were meeting Bella's needs so that she would have the confidence and patience to accept her new 'friend'. Just two weeks after throwing caution to the wind and bringing home a puppy (something neither of us took lightly at all!), we have a lovely, and very well behaved puppy who has essentially brought out a 'joie de vivre' in Bella that we had never witnessed before. And true to Graces' word, Bella has firmly and lovingly taught Frodo to be respectful and to listen and watch carefully. Thanks to Grace's guidance, we feel confident in our approach to the two dogs separately as well as in terms of having carefully managed their introduction/relationship . The constant in this story is Grace. She is knowledgable and skilled, frank, concise and straight forward, understanding and compassionate, generous and kind. I know that if we listen carefully, take notes, and follow her advice, that we will almost certainly end up with a wonderful reciprocal relationship with our dogs. In fact, we are so grateful to Grace, that we named one of our hens after her! 🙂 Thank you Grace. You have played such a significant role in helping us to provide a good home for our dogs and they give so much back to us in return. We could not have asked for more.

After our rescued boxer mix started showing signs of dog on dog aggression we decided it was time to call in the a professional. Our dog always had issues walking in leash, particularly  with smaller dogs. One day a smaller dog was growling and barking when I had my kids with me out walking the dog, I lost control of the leash and our dog, Loki, went straight for the little dog. Thankfully, the little dog was not hurt  just missing a little fur. I didn't want that to happen again as next time it could be worse. I did some research and decided to call Rufffhouse as we were moving to that area and she had some great reviews.Grace came in and gave us an awesome assessment. She was thorough and reassusring. My dog wasn't a lost cause. She worked intensively with us over four sessions and taught me how to take control while relieving my dog's stress. She helped us crate train with very little resistance from Loki, where we had found much resistance before. Loki still isn't 100% awesome on the leash but she has definitely made huge improvements. Instead of jumping around, barking and growling when we pass another small dog for a solid 10 minutes, it's 30 seconds or less and sometimes not at all! It was  fantastic experience getting  to know and work with Grace. She is a wealth of knowledge!!!

by Chris Mounteny on Rrruffhouse | Belleville, Ont

We started working with Rrruffhouse due to some behaviour problems between our 2 dogs, Blue our Lab mix was starting to show some aggresion towards strangers walking by and the 2 dogs were starting to fight with one another. Our first 3 training sessions were very good, we are now able to walk our dogs loose leash and have them in the house together without any serious problems (still working on outside). At this point boot camp was recomended and we decided to give it a chance so we could stop Blue from charging the door when we have guests and also to be able to have the dogs out in our fenced in yard together without issues and for the most part have Blue listen to commands and follow them. To our dissapointment boot camp did not have the effect on Blue we all had hoped for and we are continueing training on our own at this point in time.

You guys have done amazing work and so did Blue here at Bootcamp. I am sorry to hear that you didn't continue the Bootcamp rules at home and didn't do the follow up care in order to continue Blues success. Blue met all kinds of dogs of many breeds here with no aggression and played very well in our yard with all the dogs he met in his Bootcamp journey and also met lots of people and met them with respect most of the time, sometimes we did have to redirect his excitement but for the most part he did very well with not charging the doors. I wish you continued success.

by Lindsay and Aaron Peterson on Rrruffhouse | Belleville, Ont
Puppy started on the right track!

This Fall we were on the hunt for a new dog to bring into our home after losing the second of our dogs to old age. After an adoption that didn't work out, we decided (on the advice of Grace) that with two small children, a puppy would be a better fit for our family. She helped us every step of the way from finding the right litter, to coming along to choose the dog for us from the group. With her expertise and wealth of experience, we knew we were in good hands and trusted her advice.Hank (our lab/retriever mix) spent time with Grace before coming home to us. She used that valuable time to impress manners, respect and disposition that we wanted. We visited Hank and, after only a few days with Grace, we couldn't believe how calm and well-mannered this 9-week old puppy already was. After more time with her, it only got better! She continues to be a support for us, always answering questions we have so we can keep our puppy on the right track.As others have said, Grace not only trained Hank, but trained us. We got our last dog while we were still in university, and as you can expect, didn't start her off properly! We have learned so much from Grace and feel much more confident that we are setting Hank on a path to being a calm, well-mannered companion for our family. We cannot recommend Grace highly enough for a new puppy or for a dog you're having challenges with. Believe us though, it's worth starting your puppy off in Grace's hands!

Thanks for letting me be part of your journey. It has been an amazing ride and Hank is an amazing puppy that you are going to enjoy for many years to come. You guys are doing great!

Help for Kaiya

When my partner Amy and I brought our new puppy – Kaiya, a beautiful apricot Labradoodle – home, we were taken aback by her well-behaved nature and willingness to obey commands. Relying on those innate tendencies, we chose not to seek group training or other training options. Our feelings changed abruptly when, after eight months or so at home, Kaiya decided to chase birds or a squirrel – we’re not quite sure which – across a heavily trafficked street, while completely ignoring my commands for her to stop and return to me.Knowing that we did not possess the knowledge or skills to effectively change Kaiya’s behaviour, we reached out to Grace, having been referred to her services by friends who spoke highly of the results she achieved with their own dog. Upon her initial visit, Grace very swiftly determined an appropriate course of action for Kaiya’s training and outlined for us the process, both her and our roles and responsibilities, and the outcomes that she typically expects to see in cases like ours.Following our sessions with Grace, during which she employed an enthusiastic and engaged training and teaching style that was both enjoyable and informative, Amy and I are very pleased with the transformation we have seen in Kaiya. She will now sit and stay, stop and come when called, and displays a more recognizable respect for our authority. With Grace’s help, our beautiful girl is not only happy and affectionate, she is also attentive, responsive, and more well-behaved that we could hope for. We highly recommend Grace’s services and sincerely thank her for the guidance and support that she provided to us.-Dean Howley, Amy Moote, and Kaiya – Kingston, Ontario

You guys have done amazing and I enjoyed all our training sessions and I couldn't be prouder of you guys! great job, keep up the good work.

My name is Tara and I found Grace a few years ago. We have an American Bulldog named Bijou who did not always get along with other dogs. After meeting with Grace a few different times and locations including home and dog parks to see what was going on we agreed that unfortunately her insecuity made her a good candidate to be an only child. Grace offered excellent advice on cues to watch for and confirmed my feeling that although she would love to play she has a short fuse. She also confirmed that my method of handling Bijou was correct and offered a few extra tips. Grace is always available for a call and excellent advice no matter what silly questions I might have. Her safety first attitude for both dogs and their humans makes Grace a great addition to our team.

Bijou is amazing! Bijou was here just the other day for some daycare and I cant believe how far she has come. So proud of you both and looking forward to her boarding here with us in April.

2 Crazy Dobes

After losing our first Dobe at 11 years old , We decided after 6 months we would get another one , well that one turned into 2 . Brother and sister what were we thinking ? My sister inlaw introduced us to Grace , what a blessing that was. By the time they were 8 months they were running the house and running laps in our house. Jumping on the furniture completely out of control .Picture this Grace is walking up the walk way just as she's about to knock Beau is jumping up and down to see who it is, Taila is running laps and trying to get on the counter . I let Grace in she shakes her head and takes over . In an hour and a half she was able to teach them who the boss was and teach us how to keep them in place. But we were not done , there was still more work to do , the first sessions was a relief for us as we didn't know having 2 dogs would be that difficult and were not sure what we were going to do if they kept doing what they were doing . Our first dog Zeus was pretty calm never had issues with him so this was very different for us .We met every week for a while learning so much , oh yes Grace doesn't just train the dogs she trains you as well . If our dogs are misbehaving I can just snap my finger and point and they understand . We also trained them to be outside without leaving the yard , which we enjoy and allows them lots of room to run.If it was not for Grace I do not even want to begin to think what our house would look like , honestly if you are having any dog issues Grace can help you resolve them. She helped us , thank you so much Grace .

Thank you for all your kind words but it is you guys that did all the hard work! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey.

by Kendra Butcher on Rrruffhouse | Belleville, Ont

We adopted our miniature Australian Shepherd, Grover, at eight weeks old. We soon learned that, despite reading many books, we knew nothing about training a puppy--Grover was running the show. We were adjusting our lives and routines to suit him. One evening, while watching a family movie, my husband and I had to take turns sitting on the floor to keep him from jumping up on the kids constantly. The phone call to Grace was a lifesaver. We did six sessions in our home with Grace and she trained Grover, but more importantly, she trained us in what to do and what not to do. Grover was nipping quite a lot and showing some "attitude" (i.e.: nipping at us after being disciplined) so we decided to send him to "Boot Camp." Best decision we ever made--he came home a calmer, gentler puppy. We still have normal puppy problems (he loves stealing socks) but we now know how to handle these issues. His loving nature now shines through and we can fully enjoy Grover as a member of our family. Even with our formal training finished, Grace is always available when we have a question or concern. Highly recommended--invest the time early so you can have a lifetime of enjoyment with your dog!

What can I say about Grover other then he is awesome!! I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with you guys and helping you with your new puppy. Thank you for letting me be a part of your adventure and I always look forward to spending time with my buddy Grover.

by Christine & Andrew on Rrruffhouse | Belleville, Ont
Grace is the Best!

My husband Andrew and I have nothing but good things to say about Grace! Last Christmas we decided to get a golden retriever puppy and we needed a place we could take him when we worked full days. We were able to find out about Grace and her day care. We took Jackson (our new puppy) out to meet her and all her dogs! Although I was a little nervous Grace explained everything and gave us a tour. Jackson immediately loved it and we knew that this would be the best place for him. When ever I went to pick up Jackson I would sometimes have to drag him into the car because he didn't want to leave! We also decided to use Grace to train Jackson (but mostly us). She showed us how to train Jackson on good bahaviours that would even help protect him from harm ( ie. Leave it so he does not eat an Advil you may drop on the ground) . She made the training fun for all of us and I can tell you it worked! Now that Jackson is a year old I can honestly say we have a happy and well behaved dog because of Grace! Thanks Grace and Jackson misses you!!

Jackson is a great dog that just needed a bit of fine tuning and with your commitment he was and will continue to be very successful. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

by Andi and Kris on Rrruffhouse | Belleville, Ont
Bandit and Riley: One year later

Just over a year ago, my wife and I made the best phone call of our lives. We called Grace to help us with Bandit, our recently rescued husky/border collie puppy. The biggest issue at the time was potty training, followed by the fact we couldn't get her into a kennel without her screaming bloody murder and peeing On the spot. Within the first half hour of meeting Grace, she had Bandit in her crate, quiet and asleep. That's when we went all in.Grace's training model is one of a kind. She sets out a program unique to you, your dog, your home, and your environment. She takes the time to understand the problem, and creates solutions for you that fit into your life. Don't get us wrong, dog training is a lot of hard work, and you have to make time for it, but with Grace, you can be sure that the effort you are putting in is going into the right area. She works to empower owners, not just working to a quick fix. We recently had to get Bandit a new kennel, as she outgrew hers, and the moment we showed it to her, she screamed bloody murder and tried to pee. A quick call to Grace confirmed what we had suspected. We were to go back to day one, lesson one and use the same techniques she used to get Bandit into her first kennel, to get her into the new one. We felt empowered that we had the tools to overcome this latest quirk, not distressed that a years' worth of effort had vanished. The knowledge we gained along the journey was coming in handy again. Most of important of all, Grace's support was still there, the same way it was on day one.Grace has been with us every step of the way with Bandit, and had even helped out with our older dog Riley. Jealousy, food aggression, jumping, barking, digging, and rough play were all solved with Grace's guidance and support. No question was ever turned away. We have sent countless texts, made more than a few phone calls, and every time Grace has answered. Grace never once made our concerns seem small. She treats every problem with professionalism and respect. Teaching our puppy to sit was as important as not to pee in the house, and equal to every other command Bandit has learned.Grace has not only been our trainer, but she was the only person we trusted to care for our dogs when we left the country for a month. Not once did we worry about our dogs. We knew that they were well fed, well cared for and were having a ton of fun out in the yard. Grace is the only person we will board our dogs with. They are never unattended, never left outside too long, never segregated, and they always have other canine company. They are as safe with her as they are in our own home.If you are sitting somewhere reading this, asking if Grace is the right call to make, I strongly recommend that your pick up the phone and call. A year after we called her the first time, we are still sitting here very grateful that we did.

Wow! I must say we had a big up hill battle but we did it! Your commitment level was out of this world and thank goodness for that because it was the major component to our success. You guy did a great job of following the rules and doing all the follow up care that was needed, Great job guys keep up the good work!

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  1. Wanda Sutherland

    Hi, I just wanted to add my comments along with all the above about Grace and her expertise and knowledge of our furbabies and best friends. After saying goodbye to my fourteen year old cockapoo this summer I realized I needed a new buddy and that’s when I found Cassie. Being only eight weeks old she came with all the vim and vinegar her five pound little body could hold wrapped up in Love and kisses. It wasn’t long before I realized I needed help as she was fast becoming the ruler here. Hence entered Grace and doggy boot camp. I missed her a lot but Grace put pics up on Facebook for me to keep tabs on Cassie daily and called a few times as well…I so appreciate communication. When she came home we could have a nice walk not pulling and yanking me all over the place, being 99% trained, not jumping all over guests and meeting other dogs calmly. We still have work to do her and I but on my terms now. Thank you Grace for your patience and understanding in teaching us the ground rules upon which we can continue to build on thru the years.


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