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SpayNeuterAdopt This section here will be where we put up any dogs that we currently have up for adoption or if you have a dog and need it to find a good home we can put it up here as well, we will give you as much info on the dog/dogs available.

How will I know if it’s a rrruffhouse dog?

If the dog is one of ours it will tell you it is a rrruffhouse dog. If I am posting for someone else it will tell you that as well by saying NOT a rrruffhouse dog followed by the owners contact info. This is a public website controlled by rrruffhouse and it is monitored constantly, if you are posting a dog of your own it will be approved by myself and added.

Can I post my own dog for adoption?

Yes I will consider it pending approval. Please contact me at with details.

What does it cost?

To post a dog is free as long as you are approved. This is a website to help dogs in need, this is not a place to bash or criticize anyone for putting a dog up. If there is any hurtful words, criticisms or hateful comments you will be deleted and banned from this website, we are here to help, it is not our place to pass judgement.

Who is up for adoption right now?

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Who has been successfully adopted?

Who is Grace?

Hi there. I’m Grace. I am a very hard working, compassionate and strong willed woman who loves a challenge and never backs down from a hard days work, which is a good mix for working with dogs that are having trouble getting along in the world with us humans! The greatest reward I get in life is when someone tells me I saved the life of their dog so they didn’t have to give it up! I love nothing more then showing people how to be a leader in their own world and all aspects of life! I am a leader, and walk my own path in life and I’ll go where ever it takes me!