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Join me in stopping the irresponsible breeding and selling of dogs


As long as there is a demand for these puppies of any breed we will never be able to stop the over breeding and overcrowding of shelters, pounds and rescues. We need the public to really understand why it’s better to rescue a dog that already exist rather than make new ones to be discarded later. I know of what I am speaking of because I have been trying to rehome, retrain, rehabilitate, and reward these dogs for over 24 years and I am happy to say on one front I am doing well, but on the rehoming and rescuing I am failing miserably and not for lack of trying.

These poor dogs that get put down every day because of humans being selfish and not following through on their commitment to keep and love these dogs that THEY bought, sold, bred, gave away, dumped and worse abuse is breaking my heart. I am but one person, but I have the heart and passion of an army and it is what has brought me to this point.

As of January 2015 I will be finding and rescuing senior dogs from shelters, foster homes and anywhere else I can find them and I will be pairing them up with a senior who is looking for companionship and someone to love and break up the loneliness of getting old. The Paws 4 seniors program will be a FREE adoption! We will also help out with a taxi service to ensure that they get to the vets when needed and also will help out with finances, training and food when possible! This is a win, win program, the elderly will no longer have to be alone and the senior dogs will no longer have to die simply due to age! Please help me end the senseless euthanization of senior dogs! Help me bring hope to the hopeless

So this is where you can come in! We are looking for donations for this program and here is what your donations will be put towards, adoption fees from shelters, food for the senior dogs, vet check ups, and taxi services and any other expenses that may arise for the new owners.

 Donate to rrruffhouse programs such as
rrruffstart, paws 4 seniors, spaying & neutering & etc.:

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