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RRRUFF START is an incentive program to encourage people to rescue dogs or puppies versus buying puppies from unlicensed breeders.

In the past two decades somehow we have turned into a disposable society and for the most part do not take pride in anything, and as soon as something gets hard we quit. This is a pandemic not only in our children but also our dogs. There are more than 1000 back yard breeders, puppy mills, and stud farms, and people breeding dogs for profit in any given town, city or municipality, if you doubt me please go check out sites like Kijiji in any town across Canada and you will see an on slot of puppies for sale, and dogs to give away to a good home. And the sad part is that most people will give the dog away to the first person who shows up with no regards to the dogs wellbeing or safety, having no idea what happens to the dog.

Please let me inform you where 85% of those dogs go

. Some go to these puppy mills, back yard breeders and stud farms depending on the breed, some go homes on a whim and later are put to the local shelters as “strays” this is almost a guaranteed death sentence and some get passed around like a poker chip.

The percentage of dogs that go to good homes and stay in those homes for their entire life is less than 10%!

Please feel free to check me out! Let’s partner in making change. Our animals are the victims of human greed with no voice, help me speak for them.

Rrruffhouse needs donations of the following items:

Bowls • Collars • Leashes • ID tags • Food • Treats • Blankets • Toys • Beds

Any good items will not be rejected, items must be in good condition.

If you would rather support the rrruffstart program financially, click here to donate.

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