2020 and so far in 2021 has left many of us struggling with this covid lockdown and restrictions in so many ways, we are all suffering with this new world and what it means for us moving forward? Some have lost loved ones, jobs, family, housing and our pets, some of us have gained new pets to help with being lonely, getting us out for some excersise and being our companions. Unfortunately some of the animals are having struggles of their own, being relocated, newly adopted, surrendered etc. If you have a new dog or an existing one having some behavioral issues or has lost their social circle and you are both struggling to keep it together please know your not alone! Many are in the same boat as you and just trying to tread water, well we are here to help! We offer so many options to help I know we can help you how ever you need help we just need to know how we can help. We can help with nail trims, education on feeding, all aspects of training from basic obedience to neurotic behavior, aggression, manners, walking, jumping, barking, digging and so so much more. We also are here to help you with financing; because covid has so many strapped for cash we are doing EVERYTHING we can to help eliminate that worry. We are offering some of our training at discounted prices so you do not have to choose between helping your dog or paying a bill. We are for the first time offering payment plans for those who qualify, we are trying to work with you as best we can! We take care off all your needs and your animals needs. Let us help you bring balance and peace into your homes where it might be lacking because your at your wit’s end with what ever you and your dog is struggling with, you are not alone and I’m here to help! We are open for business as we are now an ESSENTIAL business so you no longer need to feel like your alone. We are here and looking forward to meeting you and restoring balance in our unbalanced world! Give us a call, text or email we are ready when you are!