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How rrruffstart started

dog rescue One of 11 babies,  they are the very first rrruffstart babies, born March 16 2014. Brought into the program at 12 hours old.

The rrruffstart program is designed to help both people and the dog on  how to come together and bond, and educate you on your new rescue. The rrruffstart program is designed to be started BEFORE you get your rescue, it is designed to educate you on the needs of owning a rescue or “a dog with baggage” it is also designed to help you choose the right dog for you and your families needs for example; if you like to run marathons the a bulldog is not the right choice, if you are a stay at home and kinda lazy then a Sheppard is not the right breed for you!

This is where one way the rrruffstart program can help, I will help you choose the right dog, also I will explain the proper bonding techniques you need to truly help the rescued dog acclimate to his new home. I will also help you in training, not just obedient training but behavioral raining which is way more important for the bonding process! rrruffstart program wants to start you and the dog off to a great start even before you choose your new family member!

I already have a rescue dog. Can you still help me?

If you have already chosen your new rescue and have found yourself in some hot water and feeling like you have bitten off more than you can chew, rrruffstart is here to help! We will help you, help your new dog. I will show you how to stop the  “If you had seen where he came from!” syndrome! Feeling bad for your rescue due to his past will never allow you and your dog to go forward! It’s over! He is no longer being tormented, abused, mistreated, left out in the cold, so lets move forward and rehabilitate both of you so you can find success.

don't pity them, do somethingThink before you buy

Rrruffstart is solely designed to educate the public. I want to teach the public that ANYONE can design a good-looking website so sell dogs on and get clip art of awards and medals to post on that site. Kijiji is also a big dog selling site and as there may be a few legitimate breeders on there I want you guys to know the difference and what to look for! A real good backyard breeding-for-profit breeder and some puppy mills look like legitimate kennels. Those guys will invite you in to a designated place on the property where they have designed to look “the part” and they are banking on YOU falling in love with their puppies that you lose your minds and forget to ask the important questions and you stop looking for signs because the “puppy is so damn cute” and as soon as they hear “do you wanna come home with me?” They gotcha! You have now been caught in the puppy trap of cuteness! What you missed was all the warning signs letting you know that they are shady, and it worked! He has gotten you to buy the puppy and lose your senses!

That is again where the rrruffstart program can into play! If you look at the very top of this website you will see the rrruffstart tab where it gives you many options to donate! No amount is too small and every penny counts! Thank you in advance for your support! So this is where you can come in! We are looking for donations for this program and here is what your donations will be put towards, adoption fees from shelters, food for the senior dogs, vet check ups, and taxi services and any other expenses that may arise for the new owners.

 Donate to rrruffhouse programs such as rrruffstart, paws 4 seniors, spaying & neutering & etc.:

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