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As of January 2015 I will be finding and rescuing senior dogs from shelters, foster homes and anywhere else I can find them and I will be pairing them up with a senior who is looking for companionship and someone to love and break up the loneliness of getting old. The Paws 4 seniors program will be a FREE adoption! We will also help out with a taxi service to ensure that they get to the vets when needed and also will help out with finances, training and food when possible! This is a win, win program, the elderly will no longer have to be alone and the senior dogs will no longer have to die simply due to age! Please help me end the senseless euthanization of senior dogs! Help me bring hope to the hopeless. On this page we will be posting pictures of  older dogs that will be up for adoption, if you see a dog that you would be interested in for yourself or someone you love simply contact us. We will be posting as much info on the dogs available as possible such as energy level, age, breed, health issues, aggression towards other animals, habits and quirks. We will post as much info as we can to help ensure the right dog goes to the right human. This will also be a site where you can tell me about a dog that you or someone may have who is looking to place an older dog who they can no longer care for, this is another option to help the animals instead of sending them to humane societies or worse, putting them down. We do not pass judgement, or criticize we simple want to help the animals and people involved and save lives where possible. Stay tuned in the new year for the dogs that will be available!
So this is where you can come in! We are looking for donations for this program and here is what your donations will be put towards, adoption fees from shelters, food for the senior dogs, vet check ups, and taxi services and any other expenses that may arise for the new owners.



unnamedHi Everyone
My name is Lois.  I’m otherwise known as Gramma.  A few months back I adopted a sweet little fella named Loki.  Loki was the pet of Grace & Matt.  As you know, Grace is a behavioural trainer and owner of Rrruffhouse.  I thought a lot about getting another dog at my age as I don’t get around as quickly as I used too.  Loki came for a few visits and some overnights and he won my heart.  Loki was 5 years old when I got him so he was past the puppy stage.  Now don’t get me wrong-he loves to play, but I didn’t have to go through the chewing and potty training stage.  We have a pool and once he realized he could go in and out on his own it was all over.  He likes to get out there as soon as his eyes are open in the morning and would stay in until bedtime if I let him.  I thought Loki would be good company for me and I was right!!  The added benefit I never really expected was he gets me MOVING!  He loves the pool, he loves to play ball, he follows me everywhere.  Throwing the ball has strengthened my arms.  My legs are strong because he keeps me moving-because you know-you must join in the ball playing.  You must retrieve it from behind this or under that!  He loves to go for walks and loves his morning massage.  He has been great company for me and I would be lost without him.
If you are older and are considering a dog of your own, please check out the Paws for seniors program at  Maybe you’ll find your own new best friend!

 Donate to rrruffhouse programs such as
rrruffstart, paws 4 seniors, spaying & neutering & etc.:

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  1. Jean Finlayson

    I am a senior living in a retirement home looking for a senior dog.
    I now live in the Brighton Ontario area. It would be very loved.


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