dog boot camp

What is Dog Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is reserved for the hard to handle dogs who are  not getting along well in their environment due to lack of discipline, manners or possibly owners that are in over their heads. Maybe you have a rescue that needs that bit of extra attention to help overcome their past. Maybe this is your first dog. Maybe your dog is stubborn. Who knows? There are as many reasons for boot camp as there are dogs!

Is Boodownload (2)t Camp Right for my dog?

This service is not offered to everyone. We reserve Boot Camp for dogs and humans who have the greatest needs. It is usually as a last case resort for dogs who are going to be given up if we don’t help. It also works well for very neurotic dogs. If this is a service you are interested in please feel to call and inquire.

How long is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a 10 day in-house program where your dog comes and stays with us in order to receive more structured training. When the 10 days are complete we work with you to ensure that the many behavioural changes the learned while at Boot Camp continue in their home environment.

This is a very successful program and many, many dogs have benefited from it. To read more on Boot Camp results click to read some of our SUCCESS STORIES.

How much does Boot Camp Cost?

To find out if your dog is a good candidate for Boot Camp we start with an in-person assessment so that we can discuss your dogs needs while I observe the dog.

The purpose of the evaluation is to discover what I can do for you and your dog! If I feel that I cannot help you I will tell you because for me it’s not about money it’s about helping your dog be the best dog it can be!

If we mutually decide to work together we customize a training plan to suit your individual needs. The cost varies for each dog, dependent on the individual needs and will be agreed upon prior to Bootcamp commencement.

Where does the evaluation take place?

If you are in the Quinte and surrounding  area I will come to your home, we can meet at the dog park or even at your work (if your dog comes to work with you). We come to where you need us.


  1. Steve

    My wife has a chihuahua /pom cross. She is 6 years old. We lived in an apt and her barking got us evicted. We secured a full hose rental but the owners sold the house and now we are back in an apt again as we didn’t have any notice to this happening and was all we could get in short notice. We don’t want to get evicted again and rehomeing her is not an option. She brakes at any noise she hears and won’t stop. She even barks at noises when she’s sleeping. Is this a behaviour your boot camp correct. Please let us know. Thx in advance.

    • Grace Bryson

      Hi there, thank you for your interest in us. Yes this could be an issue that we could fix in Bootcamp but before we get to that I would need a bit more info. We have many options for training and would love to have a chance to discuss them with you and also collect a bit more back ground. Please give me a call at your convenience so we can chat and work out a plan that best suits you. I think Bootcamp may be the way to go but lets see what we can do. My number is 613-661-7418 please give us a call between 9am-9pm. Thank you in advance.

  2. Heather

    I had a couple questions about your boot camp…My husband and I have had our Dog Scotia for about 5 years now…we got her from an older couple that I feel didn’t tell us the whole story. Scotia has come a LONG way since we have had her but there are something’s that I just don’t know how to go about fixing….Scotia is great with me and Steve, but has aggression issues with other dogs, strangers and children. She is good with our little girl but I don’t trust her to be in the same room simply because Hailee is too young to understand boundaries. I Love Scotia to death and don’t want to give her up, but with another one on the way I need help to make myself feel more comfortable with her around the kids. If you would please message me back so we can discuss further that would be great!

    Heather Barkema

    • Grace Bryson

      Please give us a call at 613-779-1236 we can absolutely help you. We can discuss multiple options we have available for you.


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