dog day care

dog day care

Phone Consultation | Free

Sometimes all I need is a phone conversation with you to identify what your needs are.

Meet n’ Greet

Your dog will need to be assessed in person. We will meet to discuss your dogs needs while I observe the dog. From there we can build a  plan to suit your needs.

I will give you an honest evaluation of what I think I can do for you and your dog! If I feel that I cannot help you I will be honest and tell you because for me it’s not about money it’s about helping your dog!  If we mutually decide to work together, the initial fee will be put towards your first session with me. Please call for rates.

Dog Day Care now available 5 days a week Mon – Fri from 7am to 7 pm

While your dog is in day care your dog will have a completely enclosed area to play, with a wooded area and plenty of space to run and jump. They will have plenty of water and an entire indoor area for relaxing and taking naps. Staff on duty at all times to ensure safety and a controlled environment. We have plenty of room and can accommodate all your needs and all of your dogs needs.

We also offer discount pricing for multiple dog families to help save you money. Rates are based on a full 8 hour day. Call for pricing.

Prices subject to change if your dog attends daycare on a holiday.


  1. Kristine


    I am in the process of bringing home a puppy! Can you please let me know the price of puppy day care? Small beiwer terrier male 9 weeks old!

    Thank you!!

    • Grace Bryson

      daycare for puppies is $35foran 8 hour day and your puppy has to be potty trained and up to date on shots.


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