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Tucker and puppet 006

Well this is day two that Tucker has been in boot camp and she is doing very well. My friend Olga was here who just happens to be Tuckers vet tech, pure coincidence that she dropped in while Tucker is here and she was telling me that when Tucker goes to see her at the vets office she cannot get near Tucker with out a muzzle on, surprised me! As Olga sat at my table Tucker on her own came over to see her and asked to be petted, Olga pet her and then replied this has never happened before  she has never been able to pet Tucker with out a muzzle. She also replied what a fantastic job Tucker is doing and she said she can see great improvement already from Tucker. Puppet my 13 week old puppy today on her own continually pulled Tucker out from under the table or any other hiding spot Tucker found, every time Tucker tried to pull herself away from the goings on of the house Puppet would go over and draw her back out. Now Tucker is following Puppet around and starting to play a little bit with Puppet, Tucker is still very unsure of things but Puppet has seemed to take her in under her wing. This is why I love the innocence of a puppy, Puppet just did what she does best which is play and simply wouldn’t allow Tucker to retreat. This is when sometimes we as humans need to butt out and just let dogs be dogs, sometimes they know more than we do and sometimes one dog just needs a little help from their dog friends.We as humans can only do so much to help the dogs and sometimes we just need to let things play out between to puppies. Well done Puppet keep up the great job!!