This is little miss Izzy, she is one of the 11 rrruffstart program puppies that has found her forever home. Brad & Stacey Parcels, they have been friends of ours for over 20 years for Stacey and almost 12 years for Brad. I could not have chosen a better couple for our Izzy to go too. They are first time puppy owners and have a lot of learning ahead of them, they come to see little Izzy almost every day to help with bonding and have asked many questions along the way. They are a fantastic couple and I know they will do anything they have too, to give her the best life possible. With help and guidance from me and lots of training Izzy will be a fantastic puppy. She already is pee pad trained, and we are about to get her kennel trained. Izzy knows her name and comes when called, she is a very smart little girl with a very big personality much like her new owners! Congratulations Brad & Stacey for adding a new family member to your home and lives!!