This little guy was a dog of ours for over five years, we loved him and he was a very kind hearted soul, my friends mother in law had recently lost her dog of many years and had always loved Loki and Loki loved her, we call her grandma. After gradmas dog passed away she was very lonely and always asked if Loki could come and visit and go for a swim, I of course always said “yes” After almost two years of grandma and Loki had a bond like no other and now Loki was having sleep overs with grandma to keep her company. I offered grandma the chance to “foster” loki for a few days a week in order for them to spend time together, one day I went to go pick up Loki to bring him home and Loki didn’t want to leave her side nor did she want him to go, I clearly saw this was a match made in heaven, for the first time ever I allowed grandma to adopt my own personal dog, this was where he wanted to be, he gets spoiled, has a pool anytime he wants it and grandma has her new life partner. Loki only lives five minutes away and I see him on a weekly basis, he loves to see me as long as I don’t take him away from his grandma. Happy ending for all.