Grace Bryson dog trainer

Hi there. I’m Grace. A dog trainer and behavioural expert. I am a very hard working, compassionate and strong willed woman who loves a challenge and never backs down from a hard days work, which is a good mix for working with dogs that are having trouble getting along in the world with us humans! The greatest reward I get in life is when someone tells me I saved the life of their dog so they didn’t have to give it up! I love nothing more then showing people how to be a leader in their own world and all aspects of life! I am a leader, and walk my own path in life and I’ll go where ever it takes me!

I take hard to handle dogs who are strong willed or just simply misbehaved and teach them to be obedient and well mannered! I do this with patience, kindness and assertive training that builds success! I show people that it is possible when they have lost hope or are frustrated! I show you that with consistent and daily exercise, if you are willing to try and never give up I am in your corner all the way! Together we will have great relationships with our dogs and we can save their lives one dog at a time!! I build confident owners and obedient dogs!

What is rrruffhouse?

With over 23 years of experience, rrruffhouse specializes in rehabilitating difficult dogs of unfavorable behaviors. Aggressive and special needs dogs are my specialty! With consistent, positive reinforcement ANYTHING is possible!

Barking, jumping, chewing, pulling on walks, charging or barking at other dogs, biting and simply potty training! I can fix almost any unwanted behavior with kindness and consistent repetition! If you are not willing to give up neither am I, I will stick with you until the end!

Kindness, patience and routine produce happy dogs that will never turn on a human!!

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