We are the Phillips Family and we are the proud and lucky owners of Rufus.
The story begins with me and my French Mastiff Abby were on our way out of the dog park when this lady was coming in with a pack of dogs…. a big pack I might add… I held the gate open for her, and then I saw him…..the cutest….stubbiest…little bulldog  ever, I tried to get his attention but he just scooted right through the door not giving me a second glance. He was on a mission and it was not to meet me…I guess I was not as cute to him !! I notice a bright yellow “Adopt Me ” harness on him so I knew I had to talk to Grace some more. I ended up getting her card and went straight home and told my husband about Grace and Rufus and to my surprise he wanted to meet them so I called Grace and set up an appointment. When Grace brought Rufus in he came to all of us pretty easy, a little nervous , but he was very friendly, so we introduced him to our dogs one by one they all seemed to hit it off so things looked good and before I knew it we had another member in our family.
For about 2 months Rufus and our doggies got along great especially Abby, they would play all the time , when I would go out I would come home to a tipped love seat and lamps on the floor so I knew they were enjoying their ” alone time” lol. But then little by little I noticed they would start to have these scuffles and it eventually turned into full on dog fight. That”s when I decided to call Grace , she came right over and whipped my butt into shape …told me what I was doing wrong and how to change it which I was able to do.
Rufus was definitely the most challenging dog I’ve ever had but I wouldn’t change a thing. He and Abby now get along fine and are back to tipping furniture and knocking over lamps.He chases my kids around and rolls around on the floor with them he seems very happy.He’s still nervous and jumpy but getting better everyday . It’s been almost a year since we got him and we are thankful every day to Grace for choosing us to be his forever home . We love him soo much so sorry Grace your not getting him back lol

Love Jenn & Mark Phillips