My husband had been pining for another dog and our current dog Jess was eager to have a playmate since her first and bestest friend ever Rocky (the cat) left our lives.
Lucky for us, my facebook friend had shared Grace’s rrruff house page with us and we had the great fortune to see a picture of Tucker – a 4-5 yr old Boston Terrier.  Immediately I was interested and got in contact with Grace right away.  I loved Grace’s honest, open and caring mannerisms and we agreed to meet the following Wed morning.
Tucker came home with us that Wed and Jess was over the moon – she still is.  She – who is almost 2 – is willing to let Tucker play with her toys, she grooms him constantly, they have snuggled together on our bed since day one…..and we have had only shifty eyes once over the dog bowls!!!!!!!
Tucker is not only a great playmate for Jess, but also a wonderful companion to my husband who is currently quite ill and home on disability at the time.  He enjoys watching the two of them carry on…….they do get one another going with the barking by times.  We’ll figure that out later.
Tucker has made many new acquaintances here – many people have dropped by just to meet him. My sister and Mother came the first day with gifts for him!!!!!
It honestly feels like he has just always been here.
Thank you Grace and rrruff house – we have a new family member thats makes us smile on a daily basis.