I wanted to say a huge thank you from Jack and us. We got Jack Thanksgiving weekend from the humane society. We knew he had great potential, he has an amazing personality and is very loving, but we had some problems, he thought he ruled the house. He would break out of his kennel when we left the house and we swear would invite all the neighborhood dogs over and have the biggest house party and destroy the house. We were at our limits not sure what to do, this was our last resort, when I found Grace’s website. We spoke on the phone and then meet, we spoke about what was happening, how he was breaking out, destroying the house, barking at us, jumping all over the furniture, jumping on us, mouthing our hands, we were told he was male dog aggressive, rushing the door. Really our dog needed some manners. It felt like a huge list. Grace was amazing suggesting a quick solution for a change in the type of kennel we used (best investment, that solved one problem right away) and that Jack would be a good candidate for training boot camp. So off he went for 10 days, Grace texted me with updates on how he was progressing, videos and pictures.

When we got him back he was a different dog. A well-mannered behaved dog. What felt like our giant list is now gone, he knows the rules and we know the rules. Jack still tries to push and see what he can get away with but we knew that would happen because that is how Jack is. But each day there are a few less corrections but a whole lot more smiles and lots of love. I can’t wait for the whole family to come this Christmas and met Jack and see how well-behaved he is but also how it has rubbed off on our other dog Lexi.

I really can’t say enough about how amazing Grace is. Thank you Grace for everything!

Beth, Greg, Jack and Lexi