This is my boxer Mylo, when he was a puppy and had his tail docked apparently it wasn’t done right because as he grew older the skin around the tip of the tail didn’t  grow as he did! He had to have his tail re-docked, when we brought him home he was kinda dopey from all the meds from surgery and wouldn’t sit down, I’m assuming his tail was sore, the funny thing is Mylo is white and we never knew his tail was black until the shaved it for his operation. The way it was shaved was funny in its self but the poor guy also had a swollen tail, My husband was feeling bad for him and no matter how many times I told him he was fine he was still worried because he was at work and couldn’t see for himself so I thought I would be funny and with a dry erase marker drew a face to make my hubby giggle! well the joke was on me because I grabbed the wrong marker and drew it on with a sharpie permanent marker and Mylo sported this look for over a week!! I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain this one in public! Well thanks Mylo for being a good sport!!