1. They empathize With Human Pain

2. They can detect cancer

3. They reduce work stress

4. Detect Seizures Before They Happen

5. Help Babies Stay Healthy By Being Dirty




6. Help You Stay In Shape

7. Detect Low Blood Sugar

8. Help You Stay Away From Allergens

9. Help You Be More Social

10. Help Veterans Overcome PTSD



11. Help Prevent Eczema In Kids

12. Heal Wounds Simply By Kissing You

13. Make Their Elderly Owners Go To The Doctor Less

14. Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Problems




15. Aid With Depression

16. Help College Kids Get Through Finals Week




17. Comfort Children With Autism

18. Help Prevent Bullying

19. Help People With Fibromyalgia Stay Warm

20. Help People With Dementia Live A Better Life