1. This can be hard to tell because there are so many situations that cause excessive panting in dogs. But if you notice your dog suddenly panting out of place, it’s likely due to stress in the environment.

2. Dogs yawn, but if you notice your dog is yawning a lot the last few minutes or so, it might be due to stress. He might yawn at night when he’s going to bed, but if he’s sitting patiently while the neighborhood children are petting him and starts frequent yawns, it’s time to relieve him of his duty.

3. This is the term used to describe the ability to see the whites of a dog’s eyes. This generally happens when the dog faces away in avoidance and fear, but wants to keep his focus on the source of that fear.

4. Excessive drooling is extremely common in dogs that are stressed. If you notice more drooling than usual –  you probably want to remove your dog from the situation as soon as possible.

5. Crouching, hiding, body stiffness, and running away are all signs of stress in dogs.