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Tobey & Bubba

Amazing! We can’t thank Grace enough! If you’re interested in help with your pooch you’ve found the right person.

Here’s our story:
Emily and I have a 9 month old Boxer and although we knew he had the potential to be a very good dog, there was no doubt that he needed discipline and guidance. After a short search we found Grace’s website and called. I was immediately impressed because as soon as I mentioned Tobey was a Boxer she knew exactly what we wanted and was quite confident that she could help. 
We had Grace come out for two sessions and as we had hoped, she saw a lot of potential in our Tobey and knew that he just needed some manners. During the two sessions we went through a number of exercises which, along with helping, gave us some very good insight into how Tobey was feeding off of the energy from our other dog Bubba. She showed us how a lot of the unwanted behavior Tobey was displaying was actually the cause of our other dog. We were, to say the least extremely surprised to see that our 15-year-old Bubba was actually causing a lot of the problems but once she showed us exactly what was happening, it made perfect sense.  
On our third session Grace mentioned that Tobey might benefit from her “Boot Camp”. She said that if we wished she would be more than happy to continue our weekly sessions but she knew since Tobey is a boxer, it would probably take a while to get him where we want him to be. She promised that if we gave her a week with him, she’d be able to install in him the confidence and discipline that he needed. Em and I had no doubt in Grace and we were excited to see what she could do!
During the week, Grace kept us up to date at all times with pictures and videos of how Tobey was progressing. The improvement was immediate. One of our biggest issues with Tobey was how fast he ate and on the second day she sent us a video of him eating, no nibbling his food – the change was amazing. In the middle of the week she invited us to come see Tobey, Em and I were shocked at the difference. He actually listened! And he didn’t charge the door!
On the last day Grace brought our Tobey home to us a completely different dog. She spent the next three hours with us showing us everything her and Tobey did throughout the week. Again, the change was amazing. She explained to us that since Tobey was now a much more balanced pooch, that he would have a very positive effect on our other dog Bubba. She couldn’t have been more correct. We brought Grace in to help with Tobey, but she has helped with both dogs greatly. 
We can’t thank her enough and we’re so glad we found her!
Emily and Troy