So today started out like any other Wednesday, I got up let all the dogs out for a pee and then back in for breakfast. I let them back outside about an hour later and started my house work like usual. About 20 min later I see my white boxer guarding something from the other dogs for dear life, so I went out to see what all the fuss was about! I didn’t think there was anything there except the rock he was playing with so I thought no big deal I’ll leave you to it! Just as I turned to go back into the house my dog let out a cry like never before, the rock I thought he was playing with turned out to be a snapping turtle that had, had enough of this game of roll the rock! Well once I saw my dog was fine I laughed, and picked up the turtle and put him back to the water. The funniest part of this story is what happened next, my other dogs were so excited about the game of get the rocks that they now were bringing my white boxer all the rocks they could find, well Junior ( the white boxer ) was so afraid of the rocks that he ran under the deck and wouldn’t come out!! I guess the moral of the story is…… if it looks like a rock, and rolls like a rock, be careful it just might not be a rock!!!!!! Oh Junior how you make me giggle!!