As you may know this is Junior! Today he decided to dig a trench in my yard so big the military could use it as a foxhole! He was so proud of himself, like he had just conquered world peace! Not only did he do such a wonderful thing but after the hole was dug he decided to roll around in it like there was a prize at the bottom like kids looking for a prize in the cereal box! If I had have known when he was just a wee pup what he would be like as an adult I would have rethought his name and called him ” Pigpen ” S o when I called him to come in he was a little hesitant, I thought well ” this is strange?” he usually comes when I call! So I opened the gate and went down to see why he wasn’t coming, he decided that I needed to see with my own eyes what a marvelous thing he had done and was quite proud when showing off is masterpiece! He rolled, and barked, and then put the finishing touches on his hole and looked at me as if to say ” there! its finished! now we can go in! ” so in we came and when I turned on the light this was the proud face I saw!! Think it’s bath time!! OMG!       Gotta love Junior! and I do!! life would be very dull without him!