I spent a few months looking for a place for our Beloved Boston Terrier to go while we were on Vacation There was no way that I would put her into a Kennel that would have her in a little pen with no people or animal interaction.
We also didn’t want her in a place that may have been “cage free” but didn’t have the proper supervision, putting her at risk of injury and harm. What we really wanted was for her to be in a home where she would be free to be “Darlah” (active, playful, full of drools  and cuddly)! 
A friend recommended Grace so we went for a visit. We were impressed with Grace, who is a Dog Lover but keeps all the Dogs in order (no bad manners tolerated).  We got Grace to look after Darlah for 8 days. We were able to relax on our Vacation having full confidence in Grace that she was giving our Dog the best of care. When we picked up Darlah she was her happy self and transitioned to her “life back at home” just fine!