Today has been a great day and a heart breaking day at the same time, Our girl Nedi we rescued a month ago went to a fantastic home today with a great family and she now has a brand new sister named Marley. Ally and Ryan were past clients of mine when Marley was just a wee baby and so proud of what a beautiful dog she turned out to be. I am overwhelmed with emotion of pride and happiness, Nedi is going to have an awsome life with her new family who already love her to bits. Nedi will be a great addition to their lives.

Nedi 041











Also our Dane puppy Monkey went to his new home and is going to live right around the corner from our new house and I will get to see im often, Monkey has gone to live with a great family which came highly recommended to me and own a farm, they also just rescued a blind horse destine for the dog food factory, how can you not love this family? Monkey will live on a farm with another great family who also have three kids where they can all grow up together and play. Monkey is very dear to my heart and I will always love him like no other but, what a wonderful life he will have.









Congratulations to both families for rescueing rrruffstart dogs and not buying from puppy mills or worse! I look forward to all the updates on my babies and I will see them soon. Thank you for giving my dogs a wonderful new life.