I would like to send a huge shout out to MOIRA VET CLINIC for the great job they did with Daddy and I today, At 8:30am I was a nervous wreck and an anxious owner. Dr. Chris Tummon and his entire staff took such good care of all my needs both medical and emotional. As some of you who know me and know me well will admit that I am not an emotional or unreasonable dog owner, maybe a little bit of a control issue in the sense that I need to know where my dogs are and that they are SAFE! Well for those who have never seen me vulnerable or emotional, where my dog was concerned today and yesterday I was horrible ( wanted to slap myself ) but the entire staff at Moira Vet Clinic made me feel so at ease I couldn’t imagine leaving my dog anywhere else. When I arrived at 8:30am I was greeted with a warm hello and a smile from the receptionist who also was just coming in to start what looked like a hectic day. Dr. Chris Tummon arrived shortly after to explain what was going to happen today and answer all my questions ( boy did I have a lot ) and introduced me to the surgeon doing the actual operation, Dr. Brodeur.  I went from feeling sick to my stomach to a huge sigh of relief, and out the door I went to go home and wait, and wait, and wait some more. During the entire surgery the vet tech Julie was giving me updates on his progress, and again easing my stress! As soon as the surgery was complete the surgeon was on the phone with me telling me all that he had done and how good Daddy was and that he was going to pull through just fine and with some recovery time and plenty of exercise Daddy will be as good as new!! I’m going to nick name him the bionic dog! He has so much metal in him he will never get through air port security! lol


I was told by Julie that I was now welcome back to the clinic to see my poor boy and I was in the car quicker

than lightning! When I arrived I was brought to the back where I found Daddy fast a sleep and heavily medicated, poor guy but he did look great all considering. I sat with Daddy for about a half hour when Dr. Tummon came over and showed me the new x-rays of his million dollar leg, a little shocked to see what was done but happy that it was done, and done well. I am now back home and I have left my big boy behind, again if any of you know me, know what a huge ordeal that was for me to go home with out him. I did this happily I may add simply because Dr. Tummon assured me he was in good hands ( which were not mine by the way ) If I had any doubt, I mean any doubt that he was not in the best place possible I would not have left him! So you know I have trust and faith in Moira Vets and that says a lot because I don’t trust anyone with my dogs!  Again an enormous thank you to the entire staff and the surgeon that came in to do the operation, THANK YOU!!!!!! I can’t say enough good things about these guys and will be recommending him to many beloved dog owners!