left to right: Erin, Diesel, Opie, Scott

I would like to thanks friends of mine and rrruffhouse Scott and Erin, They have fallen in love with Boss who was surrendered last week and up for adoption. Scott and Erin already owned a 14 month old rottweiler named Diesel who I have trained since he was just a wee puppy, They came to rrruffhouse last week to meet Boss to see if he would be a good fit in their home, we went to the dog park to watch the new-found friends play and it was an awesome experience for all. Scott and Erin took boss home for the evening for a test run to see how Diesel would feel about a new dog in his home, Diesel welcomed Boss with open paws and heart. I am very proud to announce that Boss has now found his forever home with Scott, Erin and Diesel and had fit in like a dirty shirt. Boss now has a new home, and a new name he is now Opie! I just had the pleasure of spending the morning at the dog park with Diesel and Opie and all our puppy friends and it was a great day and Opie is loving his new friends and the dog park. Looking forward to the summer when all the dogs come to play in the river here at the house and we will see if Opie like to swim? Again thank you to Scott and Erin for giving this beautiful guy his new life!!