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rrruffhouse is proud to announce that we are officially part of the Great Canadian Dog Food Company. As of December 12 you can buy your food from rrruffhouse! 18kg bag of dog food is $45 per bag, no taxes! If you would like to learn more about this food go to we will be carrying the Premium bag as it is the best food for the best price and the number one seller for people with dogs.

I did about six months of research on this company and loved what I read so much that I became a distributor. Here is why I love them so……. Other dog food companies say made in Canada and that is not a lie, but what they don’t tell you is that all the ingredients they use to make the dog food are shipped into Canada from other countries, so although they aren’t lying by telling you made in Canada, they kinda are. No where on the labels do they state that the meat product (some times stated as unknown) came from third world countries to cut manufacturing cost! This can be seen by anyone with some time and a computer, like me.

Another reason I like this company is because it IS made in Canada and every ingredient they use comes from within 100 km of the manufacturing plant. All from Ontario!!! Supporting local farmers! Woot woot! I will support that all day. I know where its made, where its ingredients come from, and I know what meat is being used! I didn’t become a distributor to make money, Nope not at all. Mostly it was to cut my own food bill down, but because I have gotten so many people to switch to this food it was to make things easier for you guys to feed your dogs well and not have to pay the mark up of retailer like ” Petsmart ” and you don’t have to take a second mortgage to feed your dogs or compromise health and well-being of your dog for the old mighty dollar!!

I am not trying to convince you to all switch dog foods, I am simply giving you options and a choice. If you care not to switch, great! If you do and want to try this food give me a call or send me an email. You CANNOT  buy this food in pet stores, you can either buy on-line or from me. The average person has a hard time buying it on-line due to the minimum required to purchase to keep costs down, lets face it the average home would not order 10 bags at a time, well I am not your average home! I order it per skid load with is why by me buying in bulk I can offer you the low price. I will be totally honest I only make $3.00 per bag above what I pay, that includes the taxes and the shipping, like I said earlier I am not looking to make it rich I am simply offering you choice. Take your dog food costs into your own hands and stop paying the huge mark up of pets stores.