Here is what I have found, if you have a bulldog, boxer, boston terrier or a french bull-dog with some skin issues like their fur is falling out in patches, or they have that smell of sour yeast it is typical of bulldogs. I rescued our bull-dog Misses last may and soon after she arrived she started loosing her fur for some reason, we took her to the vet to make sure is wasn’t anything serious, which it wasn’t thank god, but that set me out on a journey to find a better dog food then the one she was eating! In my experience I have found that Acana Pacifica for bull dogs is a fantastic food. It is 60% fish, 40% fruits and veg. and ZERO grain! Our Misses has been on this food since May of this year and I am proud to say doing fantastic. I can not say enough good things about this food and it is also priced very fair! If you are looking for this food you can purchase it at  Global Pets both in Trenton and Belleville.