What an amazing dog trainer, Grace truly is our Dog Whisper.
Here is how our story goes. A year ago this October we purchase 2 Doberman pups, they were so cute and sweet, but then all of a sudden they grew up over night and were taking over our house. My husband and I knew something had to be done, and soon. We went to puppy training and we soon found out that was not what we needed. We knew how to train for sit, stay, come, we needed someone who would help us one on one and with behavioral issues. Then I heard about this amazing trainer Grace, she was who we needed.
Picture this; Grace is coming to our home for the first time, as she walks towards the door I’m yelling at Talia to get off the counter and for Beau to back away from the door. He is standing and jumping on his hind legs barking at Grace with his paws on the door, then they both decided to do laps in the house I guess to impress our new visitor. The laps involved them jumping on the couch to the chairs and rearranging our furniture not in just one room but all rooms on the bottom floor. By now Grace has made it into our house in one piece and just stood in the middle of the room, looked at us shock her head and said we have absolutely no control in this house hold the dogs have taken it over and we needed to fix this ASAP. She said this is her specialty and she would be able to help us. That was music to our ears.
Grace tells you up front, it is easy to train the dog, harder to train the owners. We as the owners must follow through with what she teaches us otherwise our dogs will revert back to day one and it will be worse and take longer to correct.
Laird and I agreed that this cannot go on like this and whatever Grace told us to do we would. By the time Grace left in an hour and a half Beau and Talia where not running laps in the house, rearranging furniture or going into the kitchen, or jumping. This was truly amazing our stress levels had decreased. Grace came every week to work with us over the next month or so and during that time we also were able to train Beau and Talia to stay in the yard, Laird was so relieved to be able to have his dogs outside with him and not worry they would run off. The look on his face was priceless when that day finally came. We are able to clip their nails in about ten minutes rather than an hour. This also saves use quite a bit of money, being able to do these ourselves.
But we were not done yet we wanted our dogs to have good social skills so we decided to send them to boot camp with Grace and her team. By this time they did not have a lot of interaction with other dogs and we wanted to be able to take them to the dog park walk them anywhere and have no worries.
So Talia went the first week and since Grace at this time only had male dogs Talia just loved being the only female and Grace’s husband took to her as well so she was well trained and looked after. Beau went the 2nd week he was a bit harder nut to crack but they did it and now we can go the dog park and enjoy.  Beau and Talia also know Grace’s dogs now which make it really nice when you go for day care or meet up at the park for a play day they are all so happy to see each other and they just love Grace’s
Thank you Grace for being a part of our lives, I cannot even imagine what our lives would have been like if we didn’t have you to guide us.
~ Yvonne & Laird Weatherell, Stirling ON