Today is day five of Boot’s boot-camp and she is doing remarkably well. Today is day care day here and she was dying to go out in the yard, up until this point she had not yet been with the entire pack at one time, she has met everyone on an individual basis but not as an entire pack! Well today was her lucky day. Boots who is no longer barking her head off or jumping and biting had decided herself that today was the day she wanted to run free and with the pack so, I allowed her down with supervision of course and although she was overwhelmed at first she did excellent and as you can see no barking! Little bits of jumping but this was more out of play rather than dominance, I am extremely proud of little Miss Boots she has come a very long way in a very short time. She has five more days here at rrrufhhouse and a few more bad habits to overcome and I have no doubt she will succeed with flying colors.