So two days ago we had a very lovely day at Vanderwater Park and when we got back home the very tired puppies had a long nap, that was the last bit of peace we would have for the next to days! Later that evening about 4pm we were outside playing with the dogs and throwing a ball back and forth when all of a sudden my dog Daddy jumped in the air about 7 feet straight up and landed on his back leg and hip, well lets just say things got worse from there. Daddy let out a scream I have never heard from a dog before and as I am running to him I am thinking ” OMG let this not be broke!” It is also holiday Monday and this is going to be expensive and good luck finding a vet. Well it is in fact broke and broke badly! So off the the vet we go for x rays and some pain meds to hold us over until we can get into the vets at regular hours and informed us not to feed Daddy after 9pm incase they can do surgery in the morning! . I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Dr. Green at coleman vet clinic who came in on a holiday to help us. After Dr. Green looked at our x ray he informed us we need to see an orthopedist because looks like this break needs pins and plates. We were recommended to Bellway vet clinic, we called at 7:30am to arrange a visit to see if they can help us, unfortunately they were not able too because Daddy was too big. I then made another call to Loyalists vets explaining our situation and informing them that I had the x rays in my possession and could I come and have a consultation, they said yes and their earliest time was 11:50am and I could come then or bring Daddy in now put him in a crate and they would ” get to him when they get to him!” WHAT!!!!!  Who in the hell would do that? What a piss poor attitude! I explained that I would take the 11:50am appointment but can I leave Daddy at home until they look at the x rays to see if they could even help? I was told yes, ” OH thank god! ”


It was now about 11:15am and the phone rings, it’s Loyalist vets? confused I answered the phone, the vet receptionist was calling to inform me that if we did not bring in Daddy they would cancel my appointment! ” What? ” I again explained how much pain this dog was in, the let had still not been immobilized and his pain meds wore off! I just needed the vet to look at the x ray to see if they even think it is something they can fix or did I need to look else where and that I really didn’t want to move this big boy unnecessarily! She replied ” NO dog, no appointment! ” OMG!! so of coarse I said okay! Now I have to go across the street get the neighbor to come and help my son and I lift this dog into the car while I keep his leg as still as possible! We get him in the back of my car, my son lays in the back to keep him calm as I drive like I am carrying a Faberge egg. We get to Loyalist, I ask my son to wait in the car well I go see what’s what. I get in to the front desk where I am met with a woman who looks at me with disgust? ( I have to admit I am not looking the prettiest but come on, I have been up over 36 hours and have been peed on three times by Daddy in the stress of moving him ) she abruptly takes my x rays and disappears,  I would like to add that I am 5 minutes early for my appointment! From here I wait almost 40 min to get in to see the vet, why give appointment times if you can’t keep them, my son and Daddy are out in the car in the heat waiting until we can bring him in, they didn’t have a room for him to wait in. 45 min later, son and dog still in car we get put in exam room 3 to wait almost another 15 min, the vet comes in and asks how to spell Daddy’s name? then asked to see the x rays and tells me that the orthopedic surgeon is not in? Then why are we here? She also said not sure when they could do the surgery they would have to email the surgeon to find out???? Again! why are we here?? Why didn’t they tell me this at 7:30 this morning? At the end of this useless visit she also informs me there is no need to see the dog! Are you frigging kidding me?? So again I moved this poor dog unnecessarily!!  Your receptionist said ” no dog no visit!” Let’s just say at this point I was so mad I almost could not contain myself. I left the building feeling hopeless, I thought I am going to try one more vet in town before I had to go to Toronto or Ottawa. I went to see Dr. Chris Tummon at Moira vets, felt kind of bad that he had to have the tail end of my bad mood. When I arrived Dr. Tummon said how sorry he was for my bad day and that he could help me! I was in tears, ” really? ” he said again ” yes ” and that he would not make me move Daddy again and that he would come see him in the car! Now I was in love with this man, also gave him some pain meds and stabilized Daddy’s leg! Now I know I am in love! He was on the phone right away and had me a surgeon for 8:30am the next day! OMG where has this man been all my life? I was home about two hours and Dr. Tummon called to check in on us both to see we were still okay! OKay now I want to hump this mans leg like a dog!! LOL


Daddy will be going in for surgery tomorrow and the surgeon feels very good that the operation will be a success and that Daddy will recover well and should have no real side affects down the road where pain is concerned, Oh thank god. I would like to shout from  the roof tops that if you need a kind, compassionate,good, friendly vet that really cares about your animal and not the all mighty dollar then you need to see Dr. Chris Tummon he is at Moira vets I cannot say enough good things about him other thank THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me with one of my best friends and family member!!


P.S I got home and Loyalist called me to explain that I didn’t pay my $81.00 office visit bill!!!!  HAHAHA good luck with that!  I have to say I WOULD NEVER recommend Loyalist to anyone! They do not have any ” bed side manor ” they do not care about how you feel or even listen to you when you try to explain about YOUR dogs best interests! You may no dogs but you don’t know mine! I do so please just listen! They only seem to care about money! I have nothing nice to say about them

so I will stop there!