Hey everyone, I would like to personally thank all the people who have made incredible donations to our charity yard sale, we have all kinds of good things, tools, tables & chairs, things for your garden, books, house wares, Mc Donald collectibles, cameras, binoculars, far to many things to put down in writing. We are still taking donations for the yard sale and also we will have a food basket for any unopened pet food to be dropped off. The yard sale will be Aug 24-25 and if there is a lot of things left over we will hold it the following weekend as well, yes the long weekend. So come on everyone if you haven’t made a donation it’s not to late you can do it now!! You can arrange with me for a drop off day or I will be happy to pick anything up that requires a truck, so lets get cleaning out the attics, basements and garages I know you have stuff to get rid of and I want it!! If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.

All proceeds will be going to our local charities such as Fixed Fur Life, Humane Society, Mastiff Rescue and some shelters in our surrounding area. This will be sponsored through my company rrruffhouse behavioral dog training. Please dig deep and donate!!