Okay, back to business!! August the 25th is just around the corner and as you know We are having the charity yard sale. We are still looking for donations and volunteers in any capacity! If you have yard sale stuff you would like to donate please feel free to start to drop things off or let me know if you need things picked up we will make arrangements. Also I have made a donations box for anyone who would like to donate money, you can send it by email through my company email at grace@rrruffhouse.com any donations will be helpful. We have officially decided to donate the money to fixed fur life and the Mastiff Rescue and any food donations will be forwarded to the Quinte Humane Society. So please dig deep, we need money, unopened food, house hold donations, bedding! You name it we need it! Please email me or Facebook me if you have questions or drop off address or pick up service. Lets pull together as a community and help these animals!