We here at rrruffhouse have been working very hard the past few months to meet everyone’s needs, we are listening to what you guys want and doing our very best to keep up. I love all the positive feed back we have been getting and love all the suggestions for you guys as to what you want to see. Thank you to everyone for their input we couldn’t be as successful as we are with out all of you. With that said come check out the new and improved sight, we now are offering a buy and sell shop where you as the public can post things you would like to sell related to animals only, simply send me an email with a picture of what you would like to see posted with YOUR contact info. This is a free service we are offering to you and I do not want to be answering all the questions about your product so please put your contact info in clearly. Also I am happy to announce that we have a photography service where we will come and take pictures of your pets in your environment or where ever you would like them, beach, farm,yard, where you would like. I have hired a photographer who has plenty of experience and a passion for your animals. Please come check out the new changes, and like always please feel free to send me your thoughts and comments I love hearing from all of you!!!!!