Well Cooper the 1 year old spaniel has now gone home after his 10 day boot camp, Cooper came to us because he was a little ill mannered to say the least, Cooper would jump and attack windows if he saw a car in the driveway, tear door frames apart if he was outside and wanted in, charged the door when people arrived in the house, he also barked his head off pretty much non stop while they had company. The day I arrived to pick him up for boot camp he had escalated his bad behaviour and actually bit my leg, boy was this a good day for Cooper to come to boot camp. He was full of bad manners but really a good dog underneath all that nonsense. Cooper was an easy fix for the most part as he is a kind soul and very loving and just wanted to make me happy, good for me as we were stuck together for 10 days! lol.  If you would like to read what Coopers owners had to say please visit the reviews column on the home page.