Well today is Thursday and it has been a very busy few weeks! I have had bootcamp kids in for five weeks straight, as you can very well guess its been a very busy house, I’m not complaining by any means! I am looking forward to next week because for four days ( at this moment ) I will have no bootcamp, then booked solid again for another six weeks! Whew! Who knew I was going to be this busy? Marijo I know you did but I think you were the only one! I am so deliriously happy doing what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else in life. No matter how tired I get, and I do get tired, I am always looking forward to the next day. Although my job description never changes there are never two days that are the same, every day is a new adventure and new challenges and that is what makes me the happiest, never have a chance to get bored of my job like some people do, I never loose inspiration or wonder is this it for me? I hope this is it! I love it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else in life! Although some days I get tired, I never get tired of my job! With that said I have a bootcamp kid in that now needs my attention so off to work I go! By off to work I mean to the back yard in the beautiful sun to train and play! Yup life is good, I can’t ask for anything more!!!!! I am a lucky girl and count my blessings everyday!