I would again like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped feed the wonderful babies, and those who have dropped off some very much needed supplies I can’t thanl you enough! I would also like to update you on the other puppies and the mama Fiona, they are all doing very well and Fiona is a good mom on a large learning curve and has become quite the trooper, she is eating a very high protein and dairy diet in order to produce the milk that is needed to feed her brood and doing an amazing job. Just goes to show you what miracles these dogs can be, Fiona was starving to death when she was adopted by Kate and Matt and never should have been able to even carry babies but she did and all have survived and are thriving. Fiona is amazing in every way possible and has shown us to never give up no matter what life has on store. Thank you Fiona for allowing me to be apart of your amazing journey, I know these puppies are here to do some amazing things as adults and I can’t wait to see what they are going to show me. Love you guys over there, your all doing an amazing job, keep up the good work. Thank you again for allowing me to be apart of your family.