I would like to introduce you to a five month old boxer named Caboose! He was born deaf and I have been training him for a few weeks now and can’t believe how quick he is to pick up on all the commands using only hand signals! His owner is amazing with him and patient too! He is very active and fun-loving and goes to show that with constant encouragement and the right skills anything is possible! Only a few short years ago dogs like Caboose would have been put down, because they were imperfect or not show worthy! I am very happy and proud of Caboose and his owner for all the hard work and effort put forth to show that all dogs deserve a fighting chance and ” one mans trash is another mans treasure ” and what a treasure he is! Caboose may not be perfect, but who is? He is perfect the way he is and brings endless bounds of joy to all who meet him and I for one am glad he is here! Way to go Caboose! Keep up the great work!