Debarking is a veterinary surgical procedure — and, yes, debarking is inhumane.

The verdict seems unanimous. Debarking is not something that normal, thinking, feeling human beings understand as a solution for a barking dog — not on a any street corner in a major city, in Belleville or in any open field or town anywhere.

Debarking Is Inhumane

Debarking, or devocalization, is a surgical procedure where a surgeon removes tissue from a dog’s vocal cords to permanently reduce the volume of their vocalization.

Debarking makes barking less noisy, but the dog tries to bark nonetheless. The sound from a debarked dog is a mutated, constricted, hoarse bark.

People debark dogs for these reasons and more:

They can’t deal with a dog barking too much (and they never tried proper training), or the puppy failed training, or the people gave up on other anti-barking training modalities.

Neighbor complaints about a dog’s barking escalate, leading to local animal control or government involvement or legal action.

People have too many dogs for a variety of reasons and debark them to keep noise levels down, either for themselves or to avoid noise complaints.
As a dog trainer and behaviorist this pisses me off, DOGS BARK! If you can’t handle that then train your dog, invest in a bark collar, move or better yet do not get a dog! That’s like me asking you to cut off your feet because you walk faster then me!

Dogs bark, they dig holes, the pee in the house, they chew furniture, they run, they shed like crazy, they do all of this and more! Dogs like children are work and if taught right from wrong the end will bring happiness! If you have a child that cries constantly and I was annoyed you wouldn’t devocalize your child! so don’t ask me to do this to my dog!