Rachel and Misses


This is my dogs new best friend Rachel, she is seven and has very good lets call it ” dog karma ” I have owned the chuck it ball launcher for quite some time now and silly me, thought it was for chucking balls around the park! Well I would be wrong it has another function as Rachel showed me today, you can feed your bull dogs from it! Who would have thought? I can honestly say that would never have crossed my mind. Oh the imagination of a seven your old, she makes me giggle every time she pays me a visit, she never ceases to amaze or impress me, but often leaves me speechless for any of you who know me personally can attest to how hard it is to leave ME speechless! Rachel is seven going on thirty and is gonna give her dear ole  mom a heart attack by the time Rachel is fifteen, Deb, I feel for ya, but enjoy the crazy ride while you can, one day you will look up and it will all be over and you will wonder where the years went. Thank you Rachel for showing me a chuck it launcher is not just for throwing balls anymore and can’t wait till the next PA day to spend the day with ya, look forward to all the giggles to come.