As some of you may know I have a couple of dogs of my own, one of which is a Rottweiler and as much as I love my dog and the breed there is one downfall! I am sick and tired of defending the breed to people who do not know much about the breed and only know what the media and movies have portrayed! Well guess what? In the real world most of them if raised well are excellent family dogs and you can’t ask for a better dog for children to be raised with! They are loyal and gentle souls! Just like you parents who tell their children that the scary monsters in movies are not real and there is nothing to be afraid of, well the same thing goes for Rottweilers!! What you see in movies is a gross exaggeration of reality!! So with that said I would like to introduce you to an awesome Rottweiler who is the kindest, most gentle, and well-behaved dog I have met in a very long time, who by the way was being led around by his owner who was a four-year old little girl! As a trainer I was very proud to meet him and look forward to meeting him again! Here is ” Muffin ” Yes that is his real name!!