I am a huge fan of all dogs but especially the gladiator breeds as many of you know and I do not believe that a dog should pay the price with his life simply because we as humans have failed the breed. There are no bad puppies they are innocent like our human babies, our puppies are direct products of their environment in which they are raised much like our own children, when we teach with violence and aggression, then that is what we get back ten fold, if we teach with kindness, love and affection then we also will get that back ten fold. I am sick and tired of these punk ass kids who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag getting these gladiator breeds to do their bidding for them. If your ass cannot cash the check  your mouth is writing then maybe you need to reconsider what you are about to say rather than go get your four-footed back up! Our dogs should not be a weapon in the street wars we as humans have created, I see and read it everywhere, people are taking these kind spirited animals and creating pure monsters who do nothing but hurt and sometimes kill, this was not their life’s plan, this is what we did to them, so my question is why are they paying the highest price while these humans in most cases get off  free from any prosecution! This is an outrage to me and many of my dog loving friends, Pits bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers and other big dogs have gotten a bad rap for being aggressive dogs that are more likely than other dogs to bite people. But according to the Humane Society, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Veterinary Medical Association, no one dog breed is more likely to bite than others. Hallelujah! Finally! Official word that should hopefully save the lives of thousands of pit bulls and other breeds deemed “aggressive”.

At one local shelter, for example, pit bulls that are impounded and not reclaimed by their owner are put down. Not put up for adoption, not sent out to another shelter or even given to a local pit bull rescue group.

Now maybe that can finally stop! I am looking forward to hear what you think about this topic and I would like to hear each and every opinion, I mean every opinion they all count! This is what I would like to propose!

1. Education NOT Discrimination!

2. Promote Responsible Dog Ownership

3. Eliminate Breed Specific Legislation

4. End the Profiling of Dogs Based on Appearance

5. Promote Intelligent Dog Owner Liability Acts

If you think I am on to something then tell me, together we can lift this ban! Dog lovers  unite!!!  Together we can make and create change, this time it’s the pit-bulls next time it can be the breed you love! In case you didn’t know the next targeted breeds are the mastiffs! The Cane Corso to be exact!  Just food for thought!!

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