Are you having a dilemma on choosing a dog harness or a collar? Don’t get overwhelmed about deciding. There are so many different types of stylish dog collars and harnesses to choose from. This article will describe some of the ways on how to decipher on which one is right for your pet. We all love our best friend and want what’s best for them.

Let’s take a look at a Dog Harness

– A harness is designed to go over your dogs abdomen and chest area and then crossing over their back. One type is an “H” style which includes more padding for your best friend. This style helps distribute the weight evenly. The harness design is made to keep pressure off the neck and airway. It is made to protect their neck and back.

– Do you have a small dog or puppy? A dog harness is the way to go. When you have a puppy or small dog their necks and bones are fragile. With a harness you help them breath easier when on a leash.

– We all like taking our best friend for a walk or to the park. A dog harness will give you more control while walking and training him/her. Your dog can’t get out of a harness as easily as with a dog collar. While riding to the park some allow you to hook your best friend up to the seat belt. This will ease your mind by keeping them safe.

Some options for Collars for Dogs

There are many different types of collars. We will go through a couple of the most common types.

– Choker Chain Style: While using this type you can tug quickly on the chain so it tightens. Your dog will become alert and stop. This allows them to see what he is doing wrong and correct it. You should NEVER leave the chain on while unattended. And Never use if he/she has neck or throat issues.

– Quick Release collars for dogs are the most popular type. Made out of flat nylon with a plastic buckle. This allows for quick on and off of the collar. If you have a larger stronger dog it is recommended to use a standard buckle that is stronger. There are many stylish dog collars with the quick release. You have many options of colors, designs and sizes.

– When fitting the collar to your dog it is important that it fits properly. You should fit 2 finger widths between neck and collar. The collar should not slip over the ears. You don’t want it to big and have your best friend slip out of it while going for a walk.

When it comes time to choosing a dog harness or collars for dogs, see which one best fits your needs and theirs. Either way you decide make sure you put on their identification, rabies and license tags. Rather you decide on stylish dog collars or a dog harness, you want your best friend to be happy and obedient.