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I am happy to announce that we have now raised just over $400.00. I am happy that we have raised this amount but in the grand scheme of things this is a drop in the bucket! I would like to personally thank everyone who has donated thus far we appreciate it very much. We are trying to raise $100-,000.00 to help this crisis were in! Hundreds of animals are getting put down everyday due to over crowding in the shelters! We are in a very horrific situation and it needs to stop. We live in a disposable society where as soon as something get too tough, too hard, takes too much time, we just simply give up, or give it away. We get cute puppies and give them away the first sign of trouble, we move, have babies,new jobs, no time, the excuses are many. You need to realize that 90% of these puppies that you once loved are worse off due to your choices, humane society? well over crowding will get them destroyed, kijiji might find them a good home but most likely not! You have no idea what happens next, does it get bred for profit? Did it get a good home? Did it get abused? Did it get put down? Did it get medical attention? You have no idea because most of the time as soon as you pass it on you forget about it. That is a harsh reality to some of you but facts are facts! Dog are NOT disposable, and need to stop being treated as such! WE NEED MONEY & SUPPLIES! Please help us find a solution to this problem! I am not promising that I am going to be able to save every animal and prevent them from being euthanized, What I can promise is that I am going to try!! I am going to do my damnedest every day to save one more than we did yesterday!!! I need help, yup simply help! I always hear how much people support my cause, and get told what great things I do for them and their animals, and that I have saved them from putting their dogs down or given up on them! Well???? Help me!! Don’t just tell me you support me, actually support me!! Don’t wait till the crisis is in your home, let’s do something now!! I need money, supplies, time, resources, connections, advertising you name it? I need it! So please let’s do this as a community! Lets put some action behind our words! PLEASE DONATE!!!