Duke, the tenacious springer spaniel, Duke was found running wild for 5 months in a wooded area when the Toronto humane society picked him up and brought him in. After his time was up a foster home was found for him until they could find someone willing to take on this enormous task that was Duke. Well this is where I came in, the foster home had found a lady named Lynda who fell in love with Duke but she was in her late 70’s and didn’t know if she could handle his big personality and asked if I could boot camp Duke? Of course I said yes! I was told that if he passed and could be shown that he could be controlled Lynda wanted to adopt him but if I couldn’t tame the wild beast she was going to pass on adopting him. Challenge accepted!! I was determined to get this boy adopted, we worked really hard for his 10 days to make him a fine gentleman, and that we did! He came to us fairly wild and now he was gentle, calm, quiet, no longer jumped, barked or pulled on leash while we went for a walk. Many people and friends came to meet Duke and all had said that if Lynda didn’t want to adopt they would, everyone fell in love with Duke. Lynda came for a visit on day 8 of his boot camp and saw tremendous change in him that when she returned to Toronto went straight away to the adoption center and claimed Duke! Duke has been home now for about a month and Lynda tells me he is doing amazing. She has fallen in love with duke and can’t imagine life without him now! Way to go Lynda and Duke! Keep up the good work.