So it was brought to my attention that many of you were missing my personal blogs, and pictures of my happy brood so education week is over and here are what my bunch is up too. This week we were building our back deck and along with many good looking men, there were 10 dogs helping. ( not so much! ) As we were digging the new deck post holes and trying to level the post this very helpful bunch of dogs thought that our holes needed to be bigger, and the post looked much better in the middle of the yard, they were taking them out faster than we could put them in.

Once I sat the dogs down and had a conversation with them explaining why we needed the posts in the holes and things would move much quicker if they would leave the building to the men,( they seemed to understand what I was telling them)  they went and laid down. I realized that when 10 dogs are quiet it’s never a good sign, What I thought was 10 dogs laying in the sun and staying out of our way was really just a fake out! Yes they were out of the way, Yes they were laying in the sun, Yes they were all quiet, Yes they were chewing as a group my new deck boards!! Moral of the story, a quiet dog is not always a good dog! I had to laugh and lucky for them I ordered extra boards just in case!!These are pictures with the deck we were tearing down that day!

DSC_0516 DSC_0202 DSC_0314