Okay, so I came back from the dog park around noon after being there for three hours, yup it was freezing! Anyway I take all the dogs collars and leashes off and go to the back to hang them all up and when I returned to the living room this is what I saw!! Yup, dogs on my couch!! I have been saying for years ” dogs belong on the floor ” and I tell all my clients that dogs should not be on furniture they belong on the floor! So how did this happen you might ask? Well not really sure? What I am sure of is that after I silently giggled and ran for the camera to take this incriminating photo I did have to pause for a minute and think to myself, awwww!! this is so cute! then the trainer in me said ” snap out of it ” So off the couch they went! I tell this story not only to show that even I have weak moments of sanity, and my dogs aren’t perfect either! lol! You do have to admit though they are kinda cute! and trying to look innocent like” what? me? no! I’m not on this couch, I think your mistaken! ” So just remember nobody’s perfect, so stop trying to be, it’s much more relaxing to just surrender to the fact that we can’t control the world and just giggle and take a picture when all hell breaks loose!!