Hello to all my doggy friends and their owners, starting next month we will be doing a FREE monthly news letter, only once a month so you will not get a bunch of junk from us nor will we EVER share your email addresses with anyone! I hate getting a bunch of junk mail myself so we wouldn’t do that to you. Our news letter will always be informative but also we will be bring some fun along with it. We will have promotions, riddles and even some months there will be prizes to be won! We at rrruffhouse are looking forward to the launch of our first ever news letter and we have you guys to thank, so thank you for all your interest and support. This will be an E newsletter and we will have an option for you to subscribe so it will automatically land in your email on the first of each month, if you do not wish to subscribe that’s okay too, just check ” no thank you ” and you will not receive it. The first issue will not land in your email unless we already have your email, if you would like the first issue to test us out? Great!  send me an email with your email address and I will personally send you the first copy with NO obligation for another should you not want to subscribe. We would like you to come and check us out and who knows? Maybe there will be a free prize for Decembers participants!  So no pressure, send us you email and we will send you our first ever issue and tell us what you think, we want all the feed back good  or bad!!