I come across these people everyday of my life, if you follow this blog you will see that this is not the first time I have brought this subject up! People are so damn fake it physically makes me ill.

The caption above is sadly all too TRUE……..especially in publicly-operated, publicly-marketed and publicly-donation-funded animal rescue.

The ‘retail rescues’ are chockfull of seasoned actors, manipulators, multi-personality types of people that have “street smarts” and have learned their trade from the “school of hard knocks” where honesty, compassion, empathy, and ethics have no place, and coming out on top is the only goal.

These people really should get out of animal rescue and get into the make-believe and FAKE world of acting where they wouldn’t be using animals as “props “to get in free donation money, sell animal so their  people have paid for, and then cruelly dispose of the ones that can’t be sold (because they have issues) after their “sympathy-pity donation-value” is exhausted.

The caption above is also true because a huge aspect for many of the “fake rescuers” that are nothing more than common animal traders and dealers posing as “rescues” (and that is why they are called “retail rescues”) is that they cavalierly lie, cheat, utter and write mistruths ALL THE TIME (that can be and are fact-checked by those that know their history and the lies are EASY to see and document), and also attack animal owners, trash them on social media and in mainstream media, and drag them through the mud in the court of public opinion, but they are able to BE whatever they need to BE in order to FOOL and deceive people into thinking they are nice, honest people that are supposedly “rescuing animals”, when they are not.

It IS interesting what happens when folks that have been burned by them start comparing notes and making plans to expose them for what they really are.

Unfortunately however, by the time this happens, MANY animals are usually DEAD or ‘disappeared’ “somewhere” that were supposed to be rescued……..THAT is a heartless tragedy that can’t be changed, but justice can be served with facts to avenge the lives of innocent animals that lost their lives to callous people that convinced nice people they were animal lovers and rescuers.

They do all of this sordid, nasty, and filthy stuff in order to convince nice but gullible people in the public, many of which “dabble” in animal rescue to have some sense of “helping animals” through other people, and sadly enough, to also have some excitement and drama in their lives from a manufactured “crisis rescue” that they can step back from when they don’t have the time to spend on it, that they are the “real deal” rescuers.

They couch their begging for money in phrases such as “you are the real hero’s and we can’t do this good work without you” but if they were really honest, which they’re not of course, they’d be writing “we can’t do this without YOU, so SEND us your money whenever we ask for it every week, or every day. We don’t have ‘jobs’ outside of *rescue*, and were in fact broke before we realized the money there was to be made in donation-funded-animal-rescue, so we NEED and RELY on all you naïve and gullible people to finance our animal trading/dealing business, we get to look like hero’s, and we also get to spend money on un-animal rescue related personal items too because no one ever has us account for anything because you’re all so stupid, trusting, and naïve”.


Honest people do have to marvel at their complete lack of honesty and ethics, and also give some grudging respect to swindlers that can say and write these things in such a convincing way.

The breathtakingly gullible and naïve people in the public, that literally SUPPORT these crooks in every way, WILL just keep sending money WITHOUT any financial line-item ACCOUNTING (scanning and publicly posting donations sent on a designated fundraiser is easy for these people because they are very good on the various programs on their computers, smart phones, etc.) on exactly WHERE and on WHAT all of the money is spent on.

And a literally life-and-death problem that naïve people don’t seem to worry about when they should be if they truly love animals is WHERE are ALL of the animals these rescues and rescuers are supposedly rescuing weeks, months, 1 year, and even 2 years+ from the time of rescue?
Are the animals people sent money to rescue alive, or are they in fact dead?

These are questions that donation-funded rescues that are legitimate, “transparent”, and accountable should have no problem answering.

They should actually be HAPPY to answer any and all questions that are posed to them by the kind-hearted, supportive public considering that its only because of the generosity of the donating public that most of them are even able to operate at all.

BEFORE people send any primarily or wholly donation funded animal rescue a dime, they should, IF they in fact really LOVE all the animals supposedly being ‘rescued’ and/or if they are fed-up with FAKE animal rescuers, ASK FOR PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES for ALL of the rescuers that hold themselves out as being well-educated in ALL things pertaining to species-specific animal husbandry.

Intelligent animal lovers should also always ask to VIEW ALL of the veterinary reports and billing for ALL of the animals these rescuers SAY they are rescuing (that they also say their vet is evaluating, treating, etc.), and also ALL of the euthanasia reports and billing for all of the animals “they say” they had to kill.


The TRAGIC FACT however is that rarely does anyone ask to see ANYTHING pertaining to where and on what donation money is spent.

And the short-attention-spanned public rarely asks exactly where are all of the ‘rescued animals’ and what is being done with them?

They also rarely, if ever, ask to SEE CURRENT PHOTOS of ALL of the animals a donation-funded rescue, that is by-the-way constantly running “crisis rescues” (they KNOW this is the easiest and BEST way to bring in thousands of dollars of free donation money they don’t have to line-item account for) to supposedly “rescue animals” from “deplorable”, “horrific”, “abusive”, and “cruel” situations, AT the place they are being “rescued” from AT the time of rescue, 2 weeks after the rescue, 1 month after the rescue, 3 months after they are rescued, 6 months after they are rescued, 1 year after rescue, up to 2 years later after the animal was “rescued” from “wherever”.

Most donation-funded animal rescues have stringent adoption contracts and agreements that usually cover AT LEAST the 1st year after an animal is adopted to someone, and many adoption agreements and contracts go up to 5 years, with some never relinquishing ownership to the adopter and if/when an adopter doesn’t want the animal anymore, they are to be returned to the rescue they adopted them from.

So if the rescue really WANTS to, they CAN easily post current photos if asked to because they should know where every animal they adopted out IS for at least 1 year after adoption, if not longer.
The same applies if an animal is in a foster home too, so DO NOT be fooled with intricate and elaborate stories designed to confuse, ‘throw-people-off-the-track” regarding ASKING QUESTIONS, smoke-and-mirrors, tall tales, etc.

These “fake rescuers” will not do these things ON THEIR OWN without being asked, let alone when they are asked point blank, because with the constant telling of lies and fiction about themselves, their “rescuing”, their background, the background of their primary participants at their “rescue”, the background of their volunteers and officials, their financials, their non-profit filings, etc, answering questions that can then be fact-checked for accuracy will reveal the telling of lie, upon lie, upon lie, embellishing, and manipulation of the true story.

Then there is the problem that presents of some of the primary players at the rescues being factually involved in previous criminal activities, and also factually involved in current criminal activities, such as fraud, misappropriation of money, misrepresentation, money laundering, animal enterprise terrorism act infractions, check kiting, theft, etc.

Just a few simple but probing questions, that seriously ARE perfectly acceptable to ask a publicly-operated, publicly-marketed and publicly-funded animal rescue, are usually met with evasion, aggression, or most often, complete and disrespectful ignoring that the questions were ever asked.

When asked for this info, MOST of these fake rescuers will NOT comply with the requests to publicly post the information because they are ALL ABOUT “staging photos”, “staging *rescue* scenarios” (the “acting connection” again), “sorting” animals (like sorting merchandise at a retail outlet) and then selling the good useable merchandise animals, and cold-heartedly killing or “disappearing” the ‘broken merchandise’ animals that they can’t sell or even give away, and they are NOT going to spend free money they received by conning the animal loving public, caring for, and maintaining, a useless animal that can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone, even when MANY of those useless animals DON’T want to be dead or sent off and disappeared into the known, or the unknown where their fate is often NOT a good one.

These animals, if one cares to listen to the fake rescuers spin their stories and untruths, are SUPPOSED to be RESCUED, NOT “sorted”, judged, a price tag slapped on them and they are SOLD.

OR, as often happens when other people are buying and paying for the maintenance on animals instead of the animal traders using THEIR OWN DAMN MONEY,  animals get the “thumbs down” and are killed or “disappeared” because they can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone, and the dealers won’t spend any of that free money they attain through panhandling for donations taking care of animals that aren’t worth anything to anyone.

THAT is NOT rescue.

THAT is animal trading and dealing at its most caustic and cold-blooded worst.

Real animal lovers understand that as long as there is LIFE, there is hope…..and where there is LIFE there is also acceptance of the issues an animal may have that they will LIVE with for the rest of their lives, and that they don’t wish to die because of.

But when an animal that can’t “do” anything for anyone is KILLED or “disappeared”, DEAD IS DEAD, and there is no turning back, there is no hope, there is no acceptance of living their life peacefully somewhere with other animals that perhaps also have issues, and what these fake rescuers are doing is NOT RESCUE – it IS engaging in attaining animals through misrepresentation, and sometimes/often fraud, it is operating a retail business using animals as bait and props, it is selling animals worth something to someone, and it is disposal of animals that aren’t wanted or useful to anyone..

It IS animal trading and dealing.

They ARE running a retail business under the ruse of being an “animal rescue”.

And UNLESS the kind and compassionate, donating public that is supporting these phony rescues ASK QUESTIONS they expect answers for, retail rescues will continue to make ALL RESCUES look very bad indeed.


The questionnaire at the end of this post can be sent to donation-funded rescues for them to fill out, answer the questions, and return to the sender.

It can also be used to give prospective donors some ideas on what questions to ask a rescue they are considering donating to.

If the questions are not answered, then you will know NOT to donate to a “rescue” that refuses to answer your simple questions BEFORE you will support them and/or send them money.

The choice is YOURS and if you truly love ALL animals, even the ones that have issues but are just as worthy of living as any animal is, before you donate and support a donation-funded rescue, especially when they are constantly begging for money for the public, YOU will begin to sift through the noise and ASK QUESTIONS you EXPECT answers for, of the primarily or wholly donation-funded rescues to determine if they are REAL, or are they instead FAKES that are USING animals to tug at your heartstrings to part you from your hard-earned money as they laugh their way to the bank, leaving a trail of tragedy for animals in their wake because these are people with NO heart or soul, and that ONLY care about themselves and what’s “in it” for them.

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